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E.N. Formula

Relieves ear aches

A rich syrup combining unique medicinal herbal extracts that help relieve ear infections.

Ear infections (otitis) are among the most common and painful infections in infants.
Preventive and therapeutic use of E.N Formula helps alleviate the inflammation and the local pain.

This syrup has a preventive effect as well, because the combination of medicinal herbs in the formula is vital for preventing recurring infections, as well as reducing congestive fluids in the nasal and ear passages.

• Relieves ear aches typical of upper ear infections, especially in babies and small children
• Prevents congestion and accumulation of fluids in the nasal and ear passages
• Prevents recurring infections

• Proven efficacy in the treatment of ear inflammations in children
• Strengthens the immune system, thus helps prevent recurring inflammations
• Safe to use and contains only natural ingredients

From 1 year on: half a teaspoon (2.5 ml), 2-3 times daily, in-between meals.

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  • לילדים

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