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Prevents and Treats Flu

A syrup containing several medicinal herbal extracts that act instantly to relieve flu symptoms and accelerate recovery.

Influenza is caused by a viral infection of the respiratory tract and is accompanied by symptoms as: mucus, fever, coughing, muscle pain, headaches, and other symptoms typical of the flu and the cold.
Flutone syrup relieves flu symptoms instantly and prevents complications.

• Relieves flu symptoms
• Prevents flu
• Prevents flu complications

• The formula prevents as well as treats the flu
• Instant relief and proven efficacy

It is best to start taking the syrup as close to the first occurrence of the symptoms as possible. 

Children (2-6): from half a teaspoon up to one teaspoon, up to 4 times a day.

Adults: 1-2 teaspoons every hour up to two hours, in-between meals.

  • Kosher Stamp EN
  • vegan friendly

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