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Aloe Vera Drink

Contains 99% Aloe Vera

A drink produced from the Aloe Vera Plant and optimally adapted to the human body’s needs.

Consumption of the Aloe Vera Drink provides the body with energy, encourages proper functioning of the digestive system and reduces constipation.
The Aloe Vera Drink provides relief in of cases ulcers in the digestive system, inflamed gums and oral lesions since Aloe Vera is excellent for the healing and renewal of tissue.
The Aloe Vera Drink also reduces craving for sweet food and drinks.
The Aloe Vera Drink restores and energizes the immune system and is also recommended during illnesses when restoring and reinforcing of the immune system is extremely important.

• Contributes to the restoration of damaged tissue (Gingivitis and Ulcers)
• Proper digestion
• Reduces craving for sweets
• Energizes the immune system
• Treats Candida


• Contains 99% Aloe Vera
• Free of food coloring, sugar and flavor and fragrance substances

20-30 ml (4-6 teaspoons), twice a day.

  • מאושר מטעם הבד"ץ

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