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Vitamin D-400 + K2

For Healthy bones!

Contains a synergetic combination of vitamin D and vitamin K with their active variants (D3 + K2) in a natural lipophilic formulation.

This product provides an efficient and effective solution for treating and preventing fractures and bone diseases of the Osteopenia and Osteoporosis type.
Recent studies indicate that the efficient use of calcium in the body and bones depends on vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 which are particularly vital to the preservation of bone strength.

• General protection of the bones during menopause 
• Aids in cases of generic genetic propensity to osteoporosis
• Aids in the prevention of bone fractures
• Essential in cases of high risk of falling due to drug treatment and/or weak bones
• Essential if using corticosteroid medications

• The first formula of its kind in israel using vitamin K2 for treating bone health
• A special natural variant of vitamin K2, called mK7, which enables therapeutic efficiency in a low daily dosage
• A lipophilic formula of D3 and K2, facilitating optimal absorption in the digestive system
• A wider range of protection against developing fractures and bone diseases: osteopenia and osteoporosis
• Easy-to-use with a high theraputic response rate in patients

1 tablet a day, with a meal

  • מאושר מטעם הבד"ץ
  • MenaQ7
  • Soft gel EN

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