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Zinc plus Vitamin C lozenges

New! Lozenges of Zinc plus Vitamin C! Each lozenge contains 20mg of zinc and 100 mg of vitamin C with great flavor of forest berries and lemon. The product contains zinc in organic form and in optimal dosage for efficient bioavailability.

Zinc is a mineral that is involved in a variety of biological processes taking place in the human body, and it is important for activating many enzymes that are essential for the body’s different systems to function properly.

Vitamin C belongs to the family of water-soluble vitamins, and is recognized as being of central importance to human health.

Research has found that the combination of zinc with vitamin C contributes to the body's natural defenses.

SupHerb Zinc + Vitamin C tablets

  • Zinc citrate in organic binding for effective absorption in the body
  • Synergistic combination of zinc with vitamin C for a broad effect
  • Wonderful berries and lemon flavor
  • Kosher
  • Zinc in organic form (citrate) – for optimal bioavailability
  • Synergistic combination of zinc and vitamin C for maximization of the effect
  • Great flavor of forest berries and lemon
  • Suitable for children as well as for adults
  • Kosher

Children from 9 years old – 1 lozenge a day

Adults – 1-2 lozenges per day


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