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Salts Capsules

To assist in restoring Mineral Balance during Physical Activity

Essential supplement for athletes, helps improve athletic performance

Salts are an important component in the human body and have a wide range of physiological roles.
During strenuous physical activity of over 2 – 3 hours (bicycle riding, long distance running and so on) a control mechanism, causing the human body to cool itself and secrete increased levels of perspiration, is activated. 
An athlete loses water and salts important to the proper functioning of the human body through perspiration. Other than consuming liquids, it is imperative to supplement the salts lost through perspiration. 
Losing these salts without external supplementation will cause fatigue, a decline in athletic performance, muscle cramps and even dehydration.

• Essential supplement for athletes
• Helps improve athletic performance
• Helps prevent muscle cramps 
• Promotes fast recovery after a strenuous effort


The formula contains high dosages of salts
• assists monitor and control the amount of salts consumed
• A combination of ingredients allowing optimal absorption and assimilation in the body

1-3 tablets daily.

  • Kosher Stamp EN

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