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Folate 400 mcg

SupHerb is proud to present its folic acid preparation - Folate 400 mcg! Methyl folate is the natural active derivative of folic acid that allows optimal and full absorption

Folic acid – Folate 400 mcg from SupHerb

Folate is the natural active derivative of vitamin B9 (folic acid) that allows optimal and full absorption.

Unlike regular folic acid, which is the synthetic derivative (produced in a laboratory), folate is the natural derivative of folic acid (which exists in nature). This form is well-utilized by the body because of the fact that it does not need to be broken down and converted in order to be absorbed in the small intestine.

Advantages of SupHerb’s Folate – folic acid

  • Optimal derivative for absorption, reflecting all the latest research knowledge
  • Recommended daily dose of 400 mcg according to world health organizations
  • Easily swallowed tablets

Folic acid in pregnancy 

Planning a pregnancy? It’s important to know that:

The Ministry of Health recommends taking folic acid throughout pregnancy, and especially in the first trimester, to help prevent fetal defects.

  • Can be obtained in packets of 90 tablets

1-2 tablets a day, with meals

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