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Bio 55 LR- Intense Probiotics

Probiotics for Resilient Health

The Bio 55 formula contains at least 55 billion bacteria in each capsule including a high dosage of L.Rotary (LR).

It is a unique and exclusive formula in the Israeli market, containing a high and concentrated dosage of high quality probiotic bacteria. 
Research shows that using high doses of probiotics is essential for maintaining the body’s overall health, in light of the high utilization of probiotic bacteria for daily subsistence needs. 

Bio 55 LR promotes production of anti-inflammatory cytokines that may assist in treating inflammations of the intestines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Helicobacter pylori infections, ulcers, reflux, heartburn and a diaphragmatic hernia.

• Helps maintain the body’s overall health
• Assists in the treatment of intestinal diseases IBD, IBS
• Assists in the treatment of  ulcers, reflux, and diaphragmatic hernias
• Assists in the treatment of intestinal germs and parasites such as worms and Salmonella
• Candida and HP
• Helps lower  cholesterol values
• Supports the treatment of  gum infections.

Intelligent use of a wide variety of unique probiotic species (11 different species)
• The Formula contains the potent bacteria L.Rheutori  
• Helps promote  general health and reduce work absence due to illness
• Suitable for the treatment of a wide variety of health problems 
• High dosage in each capsule 
• Safe for use 
• No dairy ingredients (the bacterial substrate does not contain dairy!)

1 capsule a day with a meal.

  • מאושר מטעם הבד"ץ
  • vegan friendly

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