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Liquid Multi Vitamin

New Supherb product - A liquid multivitamin for children that provides them with essential vitamins at a concentration of 100%!

Introducing Supherb’s latest development - a liquid multivitamin that provides essential vitamins at a concentration of 100%.
This multivitamin, specially developed for children, contains a rich and high-quality vitamin complex, in a delicious orange flavor that children love. The complex contains vitamins from the B group (including vitamin B12 and folic acid), vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E.
The multivitamin dosages were specifically tailored to meet the needs of children from the ages of 4 to 13 based on the recommended daily dietary allowances (RDA).

• Available in 125 ml bottles
• Easy-to-administer liquid multivitamin format suitable for children
• Great orange flavor

• From 4-8 months: 5ml once a day at meal times.
• From ages 9-13: 7.5ml once a day at meal times.
• Shake well before use.

  • Orange flavor EN
  • Kosher Stamp EN
  • לילדים

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