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For strengthening the immune system in the winter We at Supherb launched the winning combination of black elderberry, astragalus, zinc, licorice, and Vitamin C to support the immune system during the winter. Read More

Treats and Prevents Iron Deficiency

A formula designed to treat and prevent Anemia.
Iron is the most important mineral in the production of Hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying components in red blood cells.
Iron deficiency results in Anemia.
Women are the primary sufferers of iron deficiency due to the monthly blood loss during menstruation.
Additionally, women require a high dosage of iron during pregnancy and lactation to prevent deficiency in both mother and fetus.

The Next Generation of Dietary Supplements
Tab in Gum is a new and very innovative technology in the dietary supplement world:  a tablet wrapped with chewing gum. The core of the tablet contains precise dosing of the active ingredients that meets the highest QC standards and regulation. The gum coating provides a heavenly experience of senses: natural colors, amazing texture and wonderful flavors – all in one Tab in Gum.
As opposed to other chewing gums available today in the market – Tab in Gum contains up to 800 mg of active ingredients - vitamins, minerals, herbs or any desired raw material. The active ingredients in Tab in Gum are released inside your mouth within 45 seconds.
Tab in Gum is suitable for a wide population, from children and youth, to pregnant women and adults.

Each Iron 30mg Tab in Gum contains:
Iron (as Ferrous furmate) 30 mg

For the first time in the world, we at Supherb are proud to present the new generation of dietary supplements. This cutting-edge development is based on an innovative concept, unique technology and an abundance of ingenuity. Read More

For the first time in the world, we at Supherb are proud to present the new generation of dietary supplements.
This cutting-edge development is based on an innovative concept, unique technology and an abundance of ingenuity.

Our company is famous for manufacturing dietary supplements of all the existing diversity for over fifteen years.

Taste and Quality Go Hand in Hand:
We have applied our wide range of knowledge to the development of a new concept for consumption of dietary supplements – Tab in Gum, a unique concept and technology, in which a dietary supplement tablet is encased in chewing gum.
This cutting edge technology allows us all to get all the benefits of a concentrated, high quality dietary supplement wrapped up in a delicious piece of chewing gum.
There is no need to be concerned about the need to swallow large tablets – all you need to do is to put the Tab in Gum into your mouth, chew and enjoy the delicious chewing gum and the therapeutic benefits of Supherb’s dietary supplements.

Technological Advantages:
• High dosages of active ingredients can be put into the product
• Most of the active ingredients are released while chewing (in ordinary chewing gum, the active ingredients are premixed into the"dough")
• Providing protection for hygroscopic tablets
• Maximum stability therapeutic advantages